Curriculum Vitae

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St. Augustine, Fl. 32080
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Ph.D  (Philosophy) Fordham University, 1971
M.A.  (Philosophy) Fordham University, 1968
B.A.  (Philosophy) Gujarat Vidyapeet–De NobiliCollege, 1957
B.A.  (Humanities) Vinayalaya (India), 1953Jesuit College, Veruela, Spain

Academic Appointments:

State University of New York at Stony BrookDepartment of Philosophy

Professor Emeritus (1990–present)
Professor (1980–1990)
Associate Professor (1974–1980)
Assistant Professor (1971–1974)
Instructor (1969–1971)
Fordham University Department of Philosophy
Teaching Fellow (1968–1969)
University of San FranciscoDepartment of Philosophy
Instructor (1966–1967)
Honorary Appointment: Associate Professor Columbia University

Current Appointment:

UNF Philosophy
The Biocultural Research Institute, Inc.
Director and Clinical Philosopher APPA certified.


Fluent in the following languages:
English, Spanish, French, Gujarati, Latin

Reading and Translating Proficiency in the following:
Portuguese, Hindi, Italian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, Catalan, German

Scholarship (In English):

Books Authored:
The Biology of Religion: The Neural Connection between Science and Mysticism
Tokyo Honganji, International Buddhist Study Center, 1990

Four Dimensional Man
Dharmaram College, Bangalore, 1971

Meditations Through the Rg Veda
Nicolas Hays Ltd., 1977
Shambhala/Random House paperback, 1978

Avatara: The Humanization of Philosophy through the Bhagavad Gita
Nicolas Hays, Ltd., 1976

Habits of Mind: An Inroduction to the Philosophy of Education
Paragon House (1989); Authors’ Choice Press, (2000)

The Sea Tug Elegies: Of Angels and Women...Mostly–a Book of Poems
Paragon House (1990)
Of Angels and Women, Mostly (2000)

Remembering the God to Come, a Book of Poems
Paragon House, (1988) (2000)

Powers of Imagining: A Philosophical Hermeneutic of Imagining through Ignatius de Loyola
State University of N.Y. Press, (1986)

Moksha Smith: Agni’s Warrior-Sage An Epic of the Immortal Fire
( April 2001) Writers Club Press.

Moksha Smith: The Alchemical Wedding
(a screenplay treatment) Under consideration. (2001)

Books Edited and Translated:

The Bhagavad Gita
Nicolas–Hays (1990, 1995)

St. John of the Cross : Alchemist of the Soul
Paragon House (1989) Weiser, Inc (1995)

Egalitarian Envy, Gonzalo Fernandez de la Mora
Paragon House, 1987 (Translated) (2000)

Time and Space, Juan Ramon Jimenez
Paragon House, 1987 (Edited and Translated) (2000)

 Invisible Reality, Juan Ramon Jimenez
Paragon House, 1987 (Translated) (2000)

God Desired and Desiring, Juan Ramon Jimenez
Paragon House, 1987 (Edited and Translated) (2000)

God: Experience or Origin?
Paragon House, 1986 (Edited)

Stories of Life and Death, Juan Ramon Jimenez
Paragon House, 1985 (Translated) (2000)

Teresa: A Woman, Victoria Lincoln
State University of New York Press, 1985 (Edited)

Platero and I, Juan Ramon Jimenez
Paragon House, 1980 (Translated) (2000)

A Philosophy in Song–Poems, Selected Poems from the Rg Veda
Dharmaram College, Bangalore, 1971

A series of books as Editor in Chief of SUNY Series in Cultural Perspectives


“ Filosofia para la Vida” in Razon Espanola n. 102, Madrid, Spain July-August 2000

“Ecstasy” in Moksha Journal Vol. 9, n.2 June 2000 

“ Meditations Through the Rig Veda: A Retrospective” in Philosophy East and West, Hawaii, April l999.
“ Naturaleza y Cultura” in Razon Espanola, n. 90  Madrid, Spain, 1998
"The Biocultural Paradigm: The Neural Connection Between Science and Mysticism in The International Journal Of Experimental Gerontology, Toronto Canada, 1997

Preface to The Heresy of Oedipus and the Mind/Mind Split Edwin Mellen Press, 1995

"Mysticism as Biology and Educational Foundation in Ignatius de Loyola"in The Jesuit Tradition in Education and Missions,  UPS, 1993

"The First Metaphysics: Re–visioning Plato" in The New Metaphysics, SUNY Press, 1987

"Egalitarian Envy" World and I, October, 1986 (trans.)

"The Politics of Envy" World and I, November 1986 (trans.)

"Los Fundamentos Filosoficos del Neo Conservatism" Razon Espanola, Noviembre, 1986

"The Philosophical Foundations of New Conservatism" World and I, September 1986

"The Return of the Sacred" World and I, February, 1986

"Audial and Literary Cultures: The Bhagavad Gita as a Case Study"  Journal of Social and Biological Structure, 1982, 5, 209–288

"Notes on the Biology of Religion"JSBS, 1980, 3, 219–225

"The Problem of the Self–Body in the Bhagavad Gita" Philosophy East and West, April, 1978

"Cultural Lobotomy: The Failure of Philosophy" Philosophy East and West, 27, n.1 January, 1977

"Crisis in Identity"Main Currents in Modern Thought, Vol. 31, Nov.–Dec. 1974

"The Humanization Of Philosophy"Main Currents in Modern Thought, Vol. 30, May–June, 1974

"The Unity and Indivisibility of the Self (Brahman): Integration Through Correct Interpretation" 
Main Currents in Modern Thought, March 1973

"The Americanization of Ortega y Gasset" Main Currents in Modern Thought, May–June, 1972

"Religious Experience and Religious Languages" Main Currents in Modern Thought, Nov–Dec 1971
Jeevadhara, Sept–Oct, 1971 (in Malayalam)

"The Language and Behavior of Liberation" The Way (London), July, 1970

"The Language of the Vedas"Indian Ecclesiastical Studies, Vol. 7, 1968 Nos. 3–4

Book Reviews:

“ The Heresy of Oedipus and the Mind/ Mind Split” by Maria M. Colavito, in Parabola, April l999.

“ Disruptions”, by David Appelbaum, in The Review of Metaphysics, Nov. 1998

" An Unprotected Woman" on Sor Juana, by Octavio Paz The World&I, May, 1989

"The Vision of Cosmic Order in the Vedas" Philosophy East and West, January, 1987

"The Monk as Archetype" on Blessed Simplicity, Raimundo Panikkar Cross Currents, n.4, vol. 32, 1983

Contemporary Indian Philosophy, Basant Kumar Lal Philosophy East and West, Vol. XXV, No. 3, July, 1975

Contemporary Indian Idealism, Ripusudan Prasad Srivastava Philosophy East and West, Vol. XXV, No. 3, July, 1975

Passages About Earth: An Exploration of the New Planetary Culture, William Irwin Thompson Main Currents in Modern Thought, Vol. 31, No. 3, Jan–Feb 1975

The Philosophical Traditions of India, P.T. Raju Philosophy East and West, January, 1973

Lectures on Comparative Philosophy, P.T. Raju Philosophy East and West, 1973

Dialogue in Indian Tradition, John Chethimattam International Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. XI, June 1971

Consciousness and Reality:  An Indian Approach to Metaphysics, John Chethimattan, IPQ, Vol. XI, June, 1971


Individual poems have been published in numerous places; therefore, I shall not mention them all here. The following list notes publications that have devoted entire sections to my poetry:

"Water, Fire and the Gods" a collection of poems
World and I, March 1987

The New York Quarterly
Interview on Translation, Spring, 1987
Poetry Selections, Spring, 1988

Light and Shadows:  On the Poetry of Juan Ramon Jimenez,
White Pine Press, 1987

Invited Lectures/Conferences:

Embodied Epistemologies: The Structures of East/West Philosophy in the Rg Veda, Gita, and Christian Mystics”   Graduate Lecture Series, Dept. of Religion
University of Florida, January, 1999

"East West Mysticism"
Lecture and Book Signing
Books A Million Bookstore, Jacksonville, Fl. Nov. 1997

"Indic Philosophy and Culture"
Six lectures
The Liberated Mind Bookstore Seminar Series,  Fall, 1995

"The Rig Veda"
University of North Florida
Distinguished Speakers Series, October, 1992

"Culture and Mysticism"
El Escorial, Spain, July, 1988
Intercultural Religious Foundation

"Spanish Mystics: Teresa de Avila"
Avila, Spain, July, 1988

"Islam, Judaism and Christianity in Spain"
Madrid, Spain, May, 1988
Spanish Historic Society

"Sixteenth Century Spanish Mystics"
Madrid, Spain, March, 1988

"The Reformation and the Counter–Reformation"
Madrid, Spain, January, 1988

"Spanish Literature of the Sixteenth Century"
Madrid, Spain, December, 1987

"Habits of Mind in American Education"
"Poetry Reading"
St. John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Nov. 1987

"Reading the Signs of Imagining"
Symposium, International Conference for the Unity of the Sciences (Icus), San Diego, Feb. 1987

"Abuses of Orientalism"
ICUS Symposium, St. Croix, April, 1987

"Modernity and Spain"
Malaga, November, 1986

"Making Images"
Kingsborough College, May, 1986

"Symposium on Neo–Conservatism"
Madrid, Spain, April, 1986
(With Ministers of the Common Market Community)

"Modernity and the Sacred"
Washington Times Symposium, December, 1985

"The Language of the Sacred"

ICUS, Houston, Texas, 1985

"Separation of Church and State in XVIth C. Spain"
Manhattanville College, June, 1985

"Teresa de Avila"
Moksha Retreat Community, N.Y., May, 1985

San Francisco, March, 1985
Professors for World Peace Conference

"Teresa de Avila: A Woman's Christian Text"
Seoul, Korea, August, 1984
Kyoto, Taiwan, August, 1984
Intercultural Religious Foundation

"Will of God and Epistemology"
Athens, Greece, June, 1984

"Mystic Experience: Juan de la Cruz"
Puerto Rico, December, 1983

"Ortega From Within"
New York, May, 1983
C.U.N.Y. Graduate Center

"Sacred Word and Language"
Colorado, August, 1983
The Lindisfarn Institute

"Sanskrit and the Technologies of Transformation"
New Paltz, N.Y., April, 1983
Sanskrit Culture at New Paltz

"Buddhism and Hinduism"
Moksha Community Center, February, 1982

"On the Awakening of Faith"
SUNY Stony Brook, 1979

"The Problem of Self–Body in the Bhagavad Gita"
A.P.A., December, 1977

"A Model of Language by the Criteria of Sound"
Haverford College, November, 1977

"Sin and Guilt in Early Hinduism"
Queens College, 1976 

"The Humanization of Philosophy"
The Center for Integrative Education, 1977

"Interpreting the Bhagavad Gita"
Columbia University Seminar for Oriental Thought, 1977

"Meditations through the Rg Veda"
Harvard University, 1977

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Philosophy :Ancient/Medieval
Introduction to Philosophy: Modern/Contemporary
Philosophy of Education
The Philosophical Methodology of the Rg Veda
Introduction to Asian Philosophy
Indian Buddhism
Indian Hinduism
Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of Imagining
Asian Philosophy (Graduate)
Language, Music, Imagination (Graduate)
Philosophy of Plotinus
Seminar in Oral Cultures (Graduate)
Seminar on Plato (Graduate and undergraduate)
The Gospels
God as Biography in the Old Testament
he Upanishads
The Spiritual Exercises of  Ignatius de Loyola
Introduction to Ethics: Social, Individual, International

Books written about my work or inspired by it.

McClain, Ernest, The Myth of Invariance: The Origin of the Gods, Mathematics and Music
From the Rg Veda to Plato, N.Hays, Maine, l976.

Meditations Through the Quran: Tonal Images in an Oral Culture, N.Hays  Maine, l981.

Mahoney, William K. The Artful Universe: An Introduction to the Vedic Religious Imagination.
SUNY Press, Albany, N.Y. l998

Colavito, M.M. The New Theogony: Mythology for the Real World. SUNY Press, Albany l992. The Heresy of Oedipus and the Mind/Mind Split: A Study of the Biocultural Origins of Civilization. The Edwin Mellen Press, Lewinston,N.Y. l995

Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential. Ed. by the Union of International Associations. 4th Ed., K.G. Saur Verlag, Munchen, New Providence, London, Paris l994-95.

Thompson, William Irwin Coming into Being: Artifacts and Texts in the Evolution of Consciousness. St. Martin’s Griffin, New York, l998


Numerous reviews and articles in Magazines and Newspapers. 

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